Tokyo 24-ku

The Far Eastern Special Administrative Region, also known as the 24th Ward, is a man-made island that sits in Tokyo Bay. Shuta, Ran, and Koki were born and raised on the island. Their family backgrounds, preferences, and personalities are completely different, but they are childhood friends who have always stuck together. However, one incident changed their relationship forever.

A year afterward, the three friends are reunited by chance at a memorial service held for the incident. All three of their phones suddenly ring simultaneously. Their friend, who is supposed to be dead, is calling and demands that they make a decision about the future. The three friends do what they believe is best to protect the 24th Ward and its inhabitants.

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Note: The first episode was a 1-hour special.

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Genres :
Status : Ongoing
Type : Movie
Released : Jan 06, 2022 to ?

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Enter the 24th Ward, a man-made island inside Tokyo Bay. Three of its inhabitants: Shuuta, Ran, and Kouki, have been best friends since childhood, but after a deadly incident, everything changed. A year later, reunited for the first time, they receive a mysterious phone call. On the other line is a familiar voice—from a friend who’s supposed to be dead. Together, they’ll have to save their home.

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Note: The first episode was a 1-hour special.