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Short Peace

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Genre: Supernatural, Slice Of Life, Fantasy, Action, Drama, Sci-Fi
Released : Jul 20, 2013
Status : Completed
Four of Japan's finest animators showcase Japan's culture in stunning in this omnibus collection of animation. Possessions: One night during the 18th century, deep in the mountains, a man loses his way and comes across a small shrine. As he enters, the space transforms into a room of a different world. Combustible: A story of honor and firefighting in ancient Japan. Gambo: Gambo is about a battle between a creature who's been killing members of a royal Japanese family, and a mysterious white bear who protects them. A Farewell to Weapons: Based on a story by Otomo (Katsuhiro), it's about a ragtag group of hard-talkin', power suit-wearin' men tasked with disarming automatic tanks in a post-apocalyptic Tokyo.