Orient (Dub)

Five years ago, Musashi made a promise with his friend Kojirou Kanemaki that once they grew up, they would become samurai, form a league, and go on demon-slaying quests. But since then, things have changed. With demons now being praised and worshipped by society, the samurai are shunned and disgraced.   Afraid of revealing his dream of becoming a samurai, Musashi blends into the town's dogma by becoming a miner while secretly polishing his swordsmanship. Meanwhile, despite being a direct descendant of a samurai, Kojirou gives up on his promise to his old friend. However, after saving Musashi from a near-death experience, his perspective shifts. Although still conflicted, Kojirou embarks on a journey with Musashi in the hopes of figuring out his true feelings.   Fighting against all odds, the duo dives headfirst into the unknown world of beast-slaying, not knowing what life has in store for them. Now astride iron horses, the fifteen-year-old heroes plan to restore the tarnished reputation of the samurai and purge the world of demons.

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Status : Completed
Type : Series
Released : Jan 6, 2022 to Mar 24, 2022

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