Around the middle of the 21st century, all war on Earth ceased.

The sudden widespread appearance of "Heroes", people with supernatural powers who wish only for peace, has drastically transformed the world. In a world where the Heroes of each country work to maintain this newfound peace, the one protecting Japan is a young girl named Shy who is... cripplingly shy.

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Genres : Action, Drama
Status : Ongoing
Type : Series
Released : Oct 03, 2023

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On the brink of a third World War, superheroes appeared on Earth. Gifted with powers, their appearance brings peace to the world. The heroes each selected a country in which they would reside, serve, and protect its citizens. Shy is Japan’s hero, endowed with super strength. Her most daunting enemy yet? Crippling shyness. Join Shy and her super friends as she defends Earth and gains confidence!

(Source: Crunchyroll)