Shiguang Dailiren 2 (Dub) Episode 9

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Shiguang Dailiren 2 (Dub)

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Genre: Drama, Mystery, Supernatural
Released : Jul 14, 2023 to Sep 22, 2023
Status : Ongoing
Cheng Xiaoshi by chance meets Lu Guang, a person possessing super powers, and awakens to his own special ability. In order to save the Time Photo Studio which is on the verge of closing down, the two of them start to cooperate in using their super powers to enter photos of customers to complete their commissions.

However, the appearance of a mysterious killer shatters the peace, Lu Guang's condition is still unknown and Qiao Ling has also become entangled in the conspiracy. Faced with all this, how will Cheng Xiaoshi solve the situation?

(Source: bilibili, translated)