Tonari no Youkai-san Episode 10

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Tonari no Youkai-san

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Genre: Slice Of Life, Supernatural
Released : Apr 07, 2024
Status : Ongoing
In the rural town of Engamori, the mountain breeze often blows. Everyday life there is mysterious, filled with monsters, humans, and gods coexisting side by side. They live each day with their own joys and worries in their hearts. Buchio lived as a cat until he was 20 years old and was reborn as a nekomata. Mutsumi is a human being who lives a positive life even though she is concerned about her missing father. Jiro is a crow tengu who has been protecting this town for generations. A slightly mysterious and gentle story of connections that occur in the daily life of a relaxing and heart-warming country town.

(Source: Anime News Network)